drink of the month #3 – rosemary smoothie with papaya, orange and carrots


Here we go with a sunny drink for a grey day in spring. ;-)

About a year ago I started preparing smoothies for myself and anybody else who wants one. Actually, I am offering it instead of coffee and cake in the afternoon when friends come to visit (come on guys, it’s not so bad! ;-)). It is the perfect way for me to eat some fruits, especially those that are very ripe. I guess I have a smoothie almost every other day.

How to prepare the rosemary smoothie: For two glasses you’ll need one papaya, one carrot, one orange, some herbs. Peel the orange and the papaya, remove the core. Clean the carrot and make sure to cut it in teeny tiny pieces (or any other fruit that is more crispy than soft), so you won’t have to get a new mixer like I did. ;-) Put everything into a mixer, add a bit olive oil and as much water as you want and mix it. At the end you can add rosemary, mint or any other herb. Enjoy!

PS: Here are my January and February drinks.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS

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