where have i been? #28 – marveling at trees


Well, after all these food adventures I’ve been on in January and February I was thinking that there really is the time now for more physical activity. Am I right?

So what about walking the town again focusing on something natural? It’s spring, get out! I already did it! ;-) And while strolling I realized I cannot walk by a wonderful tree without taking a picture. Especially during winter days when the fragile boughs in front of a clear sky seem like carefully drawn lines on white paper. Isn’t that beautiful?

I always loved trees. When I was little I liked climbing trees. Mostly the ones in my backyard to reach the roofs of other buildings. A bit dangerous, but lots of fun though. ;-)

Today I am not that flexible anymore, but I am still very impressed by huge or unique or in any way special looking trees.

So what do you think? Where have I been to take this picture above? It’s a remarkable spot in a beautiful park. You surely have recognized this tree, especially if you are a dog owner. Or wild animal watcher. ;-)

PS: Last week I had tons of sugar and cream and butter and wanderlust at Starbucks. Yeap, I know… ;-)

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