cooking vegan once a week #10: potato salad


There are different ways over here in my house to prepare a potato salad. One version is the sweet and sour one with sugar, oil and vinegar. That is very tasty, but vegan already and therefore no option for my cooking vegan once a week challenge.

The other version is a mix of the one from Westphalia, where my maternal grand grandparents are from. It includes tons of mayonnaise and eggs. It also has some ingredients from the traditional potato salad from Silesia, where I have no relatives, but where they add bacon or meat salad. And I guess that might be the reason why my parents adopted this version. No hearty taste without meat.

So I guess it’s time for me to prove them wrong. ;-)

You’ll need for three people:

0.5 kg potatoes // 1 apple // 6 pickled cucumbers // 1 onion // vegan creme fraiche (or vegan yogurt/mayonnaise)  // 1 tea-spoon veggie stock in one glass of warm water // 1 tea-spoon mustard // 10 mini vegan Wieners // olive oil + vinegar (in my case balsamico) + salt + pepper to taste

How to – in four steps:

1. Cook the potatoes, peel them after cooking, cut them into little slices, put them into a bowl.

2. Cut vegan Wieners, saute them in a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil, add them to the bowl.

3. Cut the apple, cucumbers and onion into little pieces, add them to the bowl.

4. Mix the vegan creme fraiche with the veggie stock water, the mustard, the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, add it to the bowl and mix it up with all the vegetables and Wieners. Garnish it with fresh herbs. I used cress.

It was good looking. It was delicious. It was hearty. It was healthy. It was animal-safe. What else do you want from your food? ;-)

PS: It’s the more tasty when you prepare it the night before.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


2 thoughts on “cooking vegan once a week #10: potato salad

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you. And it is, indeed! I could eat it every day these days but I am going to try your recent potato recipe instead! ;-)

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