jukebox #3: 2nd gen. flicknives & alteranima. stereograms


Well, this post is going to be full of memories! And good ones without any exception. :-)

My friend Aura chose number 17 on Facebook. Referring to my collection this is 2nd Gen‘s album Flicknives. It’s from 2003 and one of my all-time favorites. It’s Electronica with lot’s of noise and bass, very vibrant, very rhythmic and very addictive to a noise-lovers ear! 2nd Gen is mainly Wajid Yaseen from London and this album was released on Quatermass.

And here is the story around: When my man visited London in 2000, he came back with an interpret he got listen to at Slimelight. 2nd Gen. Right after that we started our own regular rhythmic and progressive noise night called Industrial Culture at Moritzbastei and 2nd Gen was on our playlist all the time. Some time later we had the chance to see this band playing live. It was on Wave Gotik Treffen, but on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm at Werk II. A crazy time for this music and a confusing venue for the band. But we were there and we had a lot of fun. ;-)

In 2006 I got the chance to dj at Wired, where also 2nd Gen (Wajid on the machines, Nadeem Shafi aka Scalper for vocals) did play a live set. But that’s not everything to tell. Wajid, Nadeem, my man and I also spent some hours that weekend together with watching the World Cup on TV at the freshly opened Café Cantona and having a little drum jamming session in our living room. Unbelievable and unforgettable!

And here we go with Middle Finger Motif which is the song I like most of this album above: 

But since I can’t get enough of these sounds, I chose another song. It’s And_Or with dub-ish parts, which is not on this album, but reflects my mood today most:

The other chosen number was 47 and an album that fits a bit into this genre where 2nd Gen is kinda settled. It’s Alteranima‘s album Stereograms. It’s Electronica as well, but more chilly and ambient. Wonderful to listen to. The album is still fresh, released on Raumklang Music in 2013.

Alteranima is my friend Elda Di Matteo from Italy. She has been a dj and musician and active member of the noise/industrial scene and the Global Noise Movement community since many years. While she was living in Germany for several years we got the chance to dj together many times. I like to remember these joint events not only because of her pleasant presence. I also enjoyed her companionship at lot, because at this time noise playing girls were rare. ;-)

And here is the song I like the most of her album because of it’s spheric tunes, little noisy clicks and cuts and kinda weird background vocals. It’s called Expanding Mind:

So what do you think of these sounds? Do you like them? And as always feel free to participate: Tell me a number in the comment section below and I will see what I can play for you next time! ;-)

PS: Here is what I did listen to in January. And there are the sounds I enjoyed in February.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


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