spring break!!!

One year of blogging! I can’t imagine!

So I guess this is the time for stats, but I am not doing so. Also not a review, and not a preview.

I am only saying that I appreciate every single reader reading my blog, commenting on my posts and participating in my little fun games. I really enjoyed this first year in the blogosphere. I am more than happy that I had the chance to make some new online friends, to read great posts and to get inspired in so many ways. And so I can’t wait to be back in … August.

August?? Isn’t that a bit long for a break?

Well… I will see. But besides blogging I am very busy with two other projects right now. I am in the middle of my exams to become a professional journalist and I am also about writing and illustrating my first children’s book. Both projects have been on my personal bucket list for a very long time and need to be done in July.

That’s why August.

But then I am going to tell you all the things that happened offline and give you an update foryoursoul, foryoureyes, foryourears and foryourmind. So save the date!

It’s August. ;-)


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