not pictured // opening ifz


apr30. opening ifz. 3.000 + 1.100. 5000? kirsch audio + funktion one. 2 floors. excitement. curiosity. place to be?

8.59pm. domed halls. lots of space. car park. few cars. no passage here. but there. walking downwards the long ramp. stopping in the tunnel. a hundred people in a line. no entry yet. nice weather. patiently waiting. sound check. listening. talking. observing from the outside. old building. made of brick. little steps forward. seeing familiar faces. growing line. dreads. beards. knots. hipsters. kids. adults. different styles. drinking. smoking. chatting. friendliness. staying power. another line: guest list only.

10.59pm. almost there. drug scouts info. people leaving. last zip of water. putting the bottle to the others. ifz crew. young people: identity check. “hello. how are you? no pictures allowed, you know. have fun!” body check. kindliness. 10 euro. ifz stamp. turning left. amazing place. lot’s of rooms. labyrinthine. very clean and stylish. ambitious. recognizing on the right: artists only. on the left: a bar in an archway. pretty cool. drinks: very affordable. meeting mika vainio. nice 2nd floor. big windows make it special. brick walls. iron pipes. hanging boxes. colorful lights. people crossing and scouting. transparent plastic curtains. little room with comfy chairs. walking through. entering main floor. stairs downwards. unusual and unique. pillars. lots of bass. more rooms to see across the floor. seeing people enjoying the atmosphere. smiling. laughing. dancing.

assorted electronica. 400 < 1.000. institut fuer zukunft.


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