pictured // global space odyssey 2014 “refugees welcome”


jul12. leipzig. global space odyssey. slogan: refugees welcome. +/-800 people following. 11 trucks with different subcultural event crews. all kinds of music. police. security. friendly and interested audience. clear statements. the most moving one for me from gothic pogo:

There are too many refugees, people say. There are too few humans, refugees say.

GSO Kopie

Even if I was born in LEipzig, my maternal great grandparents moved to LEipzig from Westphalia and the family of my father was driven out from their hometown that was located in Germany before and had become Poland after WW II. Most of my friends are not from LEipzig, some of them even not from Germany and a few of the longest friendships I am in are with people from very far away and all around the world. I enjoy eating pizza, pasta, sushi, macarons, chocolate and lots of other foreign food. Not to forget that I love watching movies or tv series that are produced in other countries. So I for myself really can not imagine how my life would end up living in a city without a big diversity and colorful variety of cultural events or even think about not having the opportunity to listen to different kinds of music here.

But unfortunately not all LEipzig people think or enjoy living this way. A new shift to right-wing thoughts and actions has been rising. There are initiatives against the new construction of a mosque, big agitations concerning the home for asylum seekers and discriminating entrance controls in clubs.

So this is what the Global Space Odyssey is all about this year: against national socialism and about welcoming refugees. Welcoming humans, that need to leave their country for several and always no fun reasons. Welcoming people who need a new and save place to live. Welcoming individuals, that enrich our city, our lives and thus our culture. Global Space Odyssey is an appeal to the public, not only to the younger party nerds but to everyone living here, to think about these matters.

Global Space Odyssey.


3 thoughts on “pictured // global space odyssey 2014 “refugees welcome”

  1. My husband went along to it today anf spoke highly compared to the rallies in Australia. I’ve been sick this last week and pretty much housebound so had to give it a miss alas!

    1. Hi Cate, thanks for your comment. And thanks to your hubby for joining this important event! I hope you will feel better soon so that you are able to enjoy your stay in LE a bit more. Have a wonderful weekend! Corina

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