from spain to germany to japan: my fav and easy to make summer dishes 2014


Here we go with my favourite dishes for this summer. Since I was very busy with a lot of things, I wasn’t able to cook every day. And delivered food and eating out, well, you know…

So I started to cook and enjoy dishes, that last long (two days for two people), are organic and vegetarian style. And they are great both hot and cold.

I Tortilla: The spanish omelette. For that I used different cooked veggies like potatoes, red pepper, zucchini, onions and mixed those with about 10 eggs. It takes a little time to prepare and a bit patience while slowly frying in the pan and some skilfulness for the turn around, but then it’s really worth it. On my plate almost every week.

II Potato Salad: I used this recipe (except for the chickpeas). I never thought of grilled pepper and grilled potatoes as a salad ingredient before. Funny, isn’t it? And then I tried it and it is so very delicious!

III Noodle Salad: This summer I figured out, potato and noodle salad are great not only for parties. You can add any veggies and it never gets boring. Mine is with broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, vegan wiener and yogurt. Love it!

IV Asia Noodles Ro Style: This is a dish my man created and now I am craving it. Udon noodles with zucchini, carrots, bean and mungo sprouts, eggs, onions, red pepper and soy sauce. And some secret ingredient (like he enjoys to state all the time). ;-)

PS: Thanks a lot for all the likes and nice comments on my first book! I much appreciate it and it makes me very happy that you like it as much as I do! :-)

PPS: How do you like the new layout of this blog? I thought it was about time… ;-)


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