from electronica to nature and silence: my fav sounds to listen to this summer


Do you know what I liked to listen to while studying journalism and writing my first book? It has been very diversified and is not only music in its original meaning.

I 1323: I very much enjoyed listening to the set 1323 has played on Wired 7 for the Global Noise Movement Noise Floors at WGT. If you like very eclectic electronica like Nils Frahm or Apparat, feel free to listen to this set on Mixcloud.

II Thunder: Yeah, you probably now think I am crazy. But yes, I like the sound of thunder. Sitting tucked down to my desk and in front of papers or the screen for six months isn’t that varied at all. So I got very excited when there was something happening in front of my window. Besides that I like all the power a thunderstorm brings and how the air smells like after it. And for this picture above: Have you ever seen a double rainbow before? Me not.

III Silence: I guess I have to admit it now: What I did the last few months (finishing a whole study and writing a complete book besides my usual work) was fun, yes, but also a bit nuts. So when all the deadlines came closer and I felt a lot of pressure (mostly from myself, because I tend to be a perfectionist), I was glad I stumbled upon YogaGlo on Ashley’s website. I am doing yoga every now and then since almost six years (I am not that flexible as I would like to be yet ;-)) and I am enjoying the sport’s part of it a lot and the benefits that it brings after a session. But with YogaGlo I also discovered meditation, a technique I avoided until now, ’cause I always felt I am more an energetic kind of person. And then I had a break through with meditation. It really helped me through this rough time, cleared my mind so many times and helped me to stay focused on the important things. Really cool experience of calmness and silence!

IV Samaris: If you like Björk, you’ll probably love Samaris too. It’s electronica, a bit dub and a beautiful female voice. Just check them out on Soundcloud.

So what things do you like to listen to while working/studying/having a gazillion things to do at once? I like to hear you recommendations! :-)

PS: And here is the food that fits to these sounds. ;-)


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