from heartbreaking to laughing to thinking: my fav movies this summer


Since my daily job is based on reading and reading and reading (and sometimes writing too), I like to watch a good movie on evenings to give my eyes and mind a rest. So here are the movies I enjoyed watching a lot and therefore can highly recommend.

I Saving Mr. Banks: This is the heartbreaking one. At least for me. ;-) Such a great movie by John Lee Hancock based on the children’s books character Mary Poppins, the famous nanny (written by P. L. Travers). Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are just brilliant.

II The Other Woman: Well, I was thinking this is a no-brainer for women (like almost all the action movies for men). ;-) But I was proved wrong, Nick Cassavetes (the director) and Cameron Diaz did a great job and it really was funny.

III The Grand Budapest Hotel: Not much to say about the work of Wes Anderson, I guess. Beautiful, nearly surrealistic pictures and tons of great actors.

IV Her: Haven’t seen it yet? You should! It’s really fascinating what only a (human) voice is able to affect. A movie by Spike Jonze that made me thoughtful and a bit scared too.

So what movies have I missed? Since there is vacation time over here in LEipzig and besides eating out not much to do, I would like to catch up with a few (sophisticated, funny and entertaining) movies. But no apocalyptic, horror or animated ones please! (French are welcome, gonna watch them without my man.) ;-)

Picture credits: Saving Mr. Banks, The Other Woman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Her.

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