from painting to walking to planting: my fav things to do this summer


Black and white were the colors (are these actual colors, I am not sure) I was confronted with nearly 10 hours a day during the last six months. I was even asked by a friend where the color is in my life after posting a new monochrome/slightly blueish profile picture on Facebook. Haha, funny. :-)

So besides cooking and watching movies I was in deep need for some other colorful and mind relaxing things.

I Painting: When I was little, I used to paint a lot aquarelle, comic style. Nowadays I prefer sketching with pencils. But then I remembered the good craft stuff my Dad and I had and I went through this collection. And what I found was amazing: four pallets of Pelikan water colors, the oldest is about 50 years old and still functioning. It was the first one my Dad used. It has a little ring on the button for the thumb, so you can hold it like a palette. How thoughtful! And the quality of the colors is better than the quality from the newer ones, a bit more oily and not so scratchy-dry/cheap. I also found different kinds of old but unused brushes still from the times when my Dad worked as a porcelain painter. He gave them to me proudly, they are made of squirrel hair (dear vegans, please don’t freak out, I never ever would have bought them, but in that case I kind of was inheriting those and I really appreciate these old high on quality tools that I am sure will last longer than today’s products). So I restarted water-color painting. It’s not my favourite kind of painting, it’s hard for me to handle blurred colors. I really like to have clear borders. But I have seen so fantastic water-color pictures that I really would like to have finished at least one of my own. Just for the experience. And for the challenge. ;-)

II Sketching: Still trying. There are good days and bad days and results I am proud of. Or not. Trees are still complicated (so much leafs, I definitely need more patience). Meanwhile I found a compromise with myself and think this way pictured above does a great job in showing trees. Am I right? ;-)

III Walking: The woods. I am glad I live in such a green city with trees all around me. But walking through the Auwald when the wild garlic is blooming is something more special. It really sends you in some kind of fairyland. And when the trees are that big, I almost feel like lost in nature. What truly feels good.

IV Planting: My little 2 square meter garden. Also known as balcony. The herbs are eaten already, the vine tomatoes are still green. But the green is so good to look at. And planting and gardening, even if it’s so small, is so great and so much fun, I even try to cultivate more vegetables next year.

So what are the creative/physical things you like to do right now? Come on, it’s holiday time, there must be something. I am looking forward to hear your tips.

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