for the sweet tooth and the hardworking brain: my fav summer sweets 2014


Well, pure chocolate is one thing that keeps you happy during important projects with a short deadline. Cake is another. Though I am a big supporter of the bakery around the corner, the last few months I also made some all time favourites and tried new recipes that turned out pretty good and saved my nerves. :-)

I Nougat and Cherry Jam Muffins: For that I used a recipe similar to this one. And then I chose two different fillings, nougat chocolate (for the ones with powdered sugar) and cherry jam (for the ones with the hearts).

II Non-baked Chocolate Almond Cake: This is a recipe I always wanted to try. And then, when I made it and tasted the first bite, it reminded me of a similar German one called Kalter Hund (hedgehog slice). So you only mix all the ingredients together and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Then you eat it cold. Very rich, but really good. ;-)

III Vegan Carrot Cake: I never made this one by myself before, but I love, love, love eating carrot cake. And it turned out to be made pretty easy (except the frosting part is a bit challenging when you do it for the first time – yes, I know…). ;-) I used vegan butter, soy milk, vegan fresh cheese and skipped the eggs (used a bit more oil) to keep it vegan. You should try it, it’s great!

IV Cheese Cake: Since there was a birthday coming up, I was thinking to bring a little cheese cake that looks nice instead of the traditional and common big one. So I made the dough following this recipe (except for the cacao powder) and gave it into little cup cake paper shapes.

PS: I am not on the vegan food challenge anymore that I started last year. Eating vegan mixed with eating vegetarian food has become a routine in my life. I tried meat again three times (you know, family gatherings…) and it wasn’t that good anymore. As for the taste I even prefer vegan sausage now. So I think I made it. Cool, isn’t it?


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