right here, right now #16: it’s official, i am a journalist!


As I wrote here I was going to tell a lot of news this August.

So besides the news on my very first own book (in German) I can proudly announce that I am done. Done with studying to become a JOURNALIST. A real one, yes! :-) It took me almost six month of hard work (besides workwork and writing the book), so I am very glad I did it!

And therefore I have to say THANK YOU to you, my dear reader, because you have been patiently waiting for me to come back on the blog, and you are still here right now though I was very absent due to these circumstances. I very much appreciate that!

And now? Hm, I don’t know. Well, I do know, of course (and so does my camera with a gazillion pics I took on it and my mind with some great stories that need to be told). So stay tuned for some more upcoming and exciting news. ;-)

In Germany, surprisingly Journalist is not a protected occupational title. So I just could have called myself one without having any degree and just write and publish like whatever I felt was good, right and interesting. With some talent, that’s quite fine to me. But I wanted to get some background information, wanted to learn more about the actual job and also wanted to improve my writing skills. We’ll see if it was worth the money and time I spent. ;-)


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