mini corn dogs: veggie style


When we were visiting our friends in Montreal (CAN) back in 2008, we were introduced to corn dogs. And got addicted. As long as you can call it like that, since we unfortunately had no single corn dog ever again since then. Until this week, when I was thinking, well, they can’t be that hard to make it by myself.

And then I looked up the internet (of course…) and found this recipe that I changed a bit, since I only had 10 mini vegan wieners.

You will need:

40 g corn flour

30 g flour

12 g sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 small egg (1 tablespoon oil)

50 ml milk (soy milk for the vegan version)

10 mini wieners

some salt, pepper and red pepper to taste

some oil for deep-frying

some flour to coat the wieners

some sticks

And here is how to make corn dogs:

Mix the flour, corn flour, sugar, baking powder, the egg, milk and salt, pepper and red pepper well together until you have a creamy dough. Then coat your wieners first with flour, ’cause they have to be very dry. Then dip them fully into the dough and deep-fry them right away. They only need a short time (under a minute) on each side. Done. ;-)

And… enjoy! It’s almost better than the original (and got us right back to our friends). ;-)

PS: Well, actually they have the form of a real corncob. But I couldn’t figure out how to do that. So your tips are welcome! ;-)

PPS: I also made a simple salad using lettuce, pepper and carrots, salt and pepper to taste and balsamico. And the dip for the corn dogs was Sambal Oelek. But since this is a popular dish for kids, better use ketchup instead of the hot stuff. ;-)


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