homemade jam: plum and pear


There are a lot of first times happening right now in my kitchen and I am very excited that it seems like I am improving some cooking skills (even though my corn dogs don’t look like they could win a price and this jam is also a very special one as you can read below. Below below. ;-))

Can you imagine? I’ve never made a jam before. And I love jam. Jam for breakfast on a roll or jam for coffee time in my muffins. And the list goes on… So there was the day when we had too much plums to eat about two weeks ago. And then my man got excited on baking a plum pie. But since I am the early bird in this house, I won the race. ;-) And so plum jam it was.

You will need:

500 g plums

2 peas

1 vanilla bean

100 g brown sugar

2 teaspoons agar agar

1/2 lemon

some lemon zest, salt, cinnamon to taste

And here is how to make the plum and pear jam:

Remove the cores of the pears and plums. Put them into a pot, cover them with water and let them boil. Add the vanilla bean, the sugar, the juice of the half lemon, the lemon zest and salt and cinnamon as well to taste. Let it boil until 1/4 of the water is gone (this can take a while). Make sure that it doesn’t burn on the ground. Blend it well until it’s smooth. Add agar agar and let it boil again. Then fill it into little jars and close them right away. Turn them upside down until they have cooled down. Pretty easy, right?

PS: Well, you cannot see it in the picture, but I didn’t use enough agar agar (only one teaspoon). So I got something in between a smoothie and a jam. ;-) I also didn’t use enough sugar, so my jam is rather fruity-fresh instead of sweet. But feel free to change the recipe!

PPS: I also like jam in my yogurt. On top of this one there is chia. Some super food I’ve heard about here. Great stuff, after such a snack I am well-fed for the day.


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