how to eat a pumpkin: creamy soup and crispy slices

hokkaidosoup   pumpkinslices

Hi there, it’s pumpkin time, yeah! On one hand it’s sad that the summer is gone already, on the other hand… I love eating pumpkins, especially the hokkaido one. And so I prepare it a lot. This week I am starting with the recipes of the two pumpkin dishes I use to prepare on a regular base: creamy pumpkin soup and crispy slices (don’t wonder, it’s a before picture above).

You will need for the creamy pumpkin soup:

1 Hokkaido (middle size)

1 l veggie stock

1 onion

some fresh garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, old bread ;-)

100 ml (vegan) yogurt,

some olive oil, salt, pepper and chili to taste

And here is how to make the creamy pumpkin soup:

Wash the Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a great pumpkin, ’cause you can eat almost everything from it and you don’t have to peel it. Remove the cores and cut it into small slices or cubes. Heat some olive oil in a big pot, put in the peeled and sliced onion, garlic and rosemary. Let it fry a bit and then add the pumpkin slices. Sauté everything for about two minutes (make sure that it doesn’t burn) and add the veggie stock. Let everything cook for about 15 minutes, then blend it until it’s creamy. Add the yogurt, the salt, pepper and chili (as much as you want) and keep it warm on a low temperature while you prepare the parsley (just wash and cut it) and the bread (just roast it in a pan with some olive oil).

The crispy slices are the most easy thing to do if you are very hungry but don’t have much time for cooking.

You will need for the crispy pumpkin slices:

1 Hokkaido (middle size)

some fresh rosemary

some olive oil and salt

And here is how to make the crispy pumpkin slices:

Prepare the Hokkaido just like you did for the soup (washing, slicing, removing the cores). Then put the slices on a baking tray, sprinkle them with some olive oil, salt and fresh rosemary. Roast them on high temperature for about 15 minutes, then turn them around and roast the other side for about the same time. That’s easy, isn’t it?

PS: I also prepared potato slices (they have about the same cooking time) and made a (vegan) quark dip out of fresh herbs like parsley and dill, and cucumber.

PPS: You can also roast the pumpkin cores or save them for something else. ;-)

6 thoughts on “how to eat a pumpkin: creamy soup and crispy slices

    1. Hi Ema, that’s a great option. Actually it’s even better cause not everyone loves garlic as much as I do. ;-) I guess I will give it a try the next time, so thanks for the tip. :-)

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