right here, right now #19: i’d like you to meet my new room mate


And there she is. A huge Araneus diadematus, also known as garden spider. Spider-woman, as I call her. You cannot see it in the picture, but she really is way larger than Wikipedia says she can get. I never thought I would say something like that, but she sure is beautiful. Creepy but beautiful, ’cause her cross really looks like some very expensive piece of jewelry (click on the picture to get the full experience!).

I never was a big fan of spiders. Now I can live with them if they are far enough away, perhaps on the ceiling. But as soon as they crawl around in my area or are hairy, they unfortunately have to leave my apartment (alive!). So, in terms of Spider-woman here, I’m glad she has not yet expressed the desire of wanting to share bed and board with me. ;-)

Since a week or two she has her web across our balcony and always comes out of her hidden spot at dusk to eat her prey. Nothing bothers her. Not us, no thunderstorm, no rain. During the day she sleeps comfortably under a large screw that holds the upper balcony on crossbars. This looks very funny, because everything you then can see from her is a leg that she stretches out from her “bed” to hold one end of her cobweb.

But now my question is: What do they do in winter? So if there is any expert reading this, I would like to know.

PS: Here I wrote about some other precious animals I have spotted and enjoyed watching in my backyard/neighborhood that is located right in the middle of a big city.

PPS: Spider-woman reminded me of this song. :-)

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