b/w photography: facades of LEipzig #4

street16  street15

street13  street14

Pic #1: This street is one of the oldest in town (est. in 1165). And it has this little very old house that I love so much and cannot stop looking at. Many people think it’s an eyesore in such a popular street, but I think behind these little curtains it has a lot of good stories to tell. I wish I could enter it.

Pic #2: What I love most about the second pic is the presence of the castle tower. It is always there. Every morning, when I was walking to school, I was walking towards it, ’cause my school was right in front of it. Then I forgot about it over the last years but while working on this project I’ve noticed it again. It’s like as it says: I’ve always been here and always will be.

Pic #3: I just love it. The nature (that strikes back, haha), the old wall and the huge graffiti (even though it’s not the best one, it’s still a very present work).

Pic #4: And then these beautiful old and well restored buildings just across the street (’cause #3 and #4 are actually facing each other if there weren’t trees between them).

LEipzig as it is. ;-)

PS: Project part #1, #2 and #3.


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