how to eat a pumpkin: crunchy chips and creamy puree

 hokkaidochips   mashedhokkaido

Hello Monday readers, today I share my two other very simple recipes on how to eat a pumpkin (in my case Hokkaido again).

As for the first picture: these are pumpkin chips. I simply cut only very thin slices and then baked them in the oven together with pumpkin seeds. (A little bit too long, I guess 15 minutes on middle temperature are fine.) Then I refined them with balsamic vinegar and salt. So this is a very simple snack, similar to potato chips.

And in the second pic you can see my Hokkaido puree. Also pretty easy to make, since I made it just like my favorite potato puree with some (soy) milk, (vegan) butter, salt and nutmeg. That’s it.

Have a nice week! :-)

PS: My two other Hokkaido dishes.


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