adventurous music feat. inyan: best of female voices #1


Hello music lovers, I am very excited about this music post today! Since I’ve retired from being DJane INYAN (or on a long break, who knows), I sometimes miss preparing sets, creating moods and playing unconventional tracks. And so I was thinking, let’s make a mix series for this blog.

And then there was the question of the music style. As INYAN I have played mostly instrumental electronic music for many years. Admittedly, I found lyrics very annoying for a long time. Especially female. In general, I prefer deep tones and so deep voices. Over the years, I started to endure the bright and in particular female chants again, but only if they were set very rare. And now, now I love it. Not all of them, but in any case the ones that I have compiled in four 40 minute sets that I am going to share here during October. Well, one or the other may know a singer or song already, but I hope that there are also surprises and inspirations for you.

So let’s start today with Pop and Folk. This first set of my Female Voices selection includes Bonobo, Björk, Dillon, She & Him (which is Zooey Deshanel), Katie Herzig, Lisa Mitchell, Lykke Li, Phoebe Kreutz, Boy, Scarlett Johannsson (& Pete Yorn) and Pentatones.

I hope you enjoy my selection! Have a wonderful day!

PS: If you are interested in my music related career, you can learn more about it here or hereAnd this is Adventurous Music. ;-)

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