time traveling: nut wedges


In my immediate neighborhood there are not less than seven bakeries I can reach within five minutes of slow walking (crazy, isn’t it?). Some are local bakeries with only one shop, some are small and a few are large chains. And some of them also bake really delicious bread and tasty cakes. So therefore it is a little hard to walk further (about seven minutes) to give other bakers the chance to convince me of their specialties.

But, it worked. Not because Bäckerei Böhm is an organic bakery  – which was a plus too. In fact, I was motivated to write this post, because it has something to offer that all the others do not have: nut wedges!

Well, this post would not be called time traveling without a connection between nut wedges and my childhood. So actually, the last time I ate them was in the late 80s. In my family, it was a daily ritual that there was cake. Or pie. Or cookies. Chocolate anyway. ;-) But not for coffee time in the afternoon, as you’re probably used to it. I got cake in the morning for breakfast. Yeap, I know… ;-) And what was left from breakfast cake was snacked away through the day or … night (especially from my father and I). But nut wedges never lasted that long.

I can tell you I’ve really tried to get over this habit, but somehow it has not been worked out yet. ;-) And therefore we (Yes, what you can see in the pic was not only for me, hard to believe, but I promise!) had a second breakfast on a late summer morning, when I discovered these nut wedges while walking through my extended neighborhood. And I was not disappointed! They were so tasty! Very, very good, because: much more tender than the ones I ate in my childhood days, because honestly, the 80s ones were very sticky and extremely sweet.

So the good thing is: This bakery is open every day from 7 a.m., even on Sundays (8 am)! Now I only need to get myself motivated for a walk at this early hour in the morning (before they are sold out, you know, ’cause now that you know about…). ;-)

4 thoughts on “time traveling: nut wedges

    1. :-D Since it is winter and pretty cold over here, I have to eat a lot of sweets these days. And a cake is the best choice, ’cause it lasts a few days. ;-)

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