link time #12: have a nice weekend


Dear readers, fall is here. With low temperatures and grey light and rain every now and then. So I was thinking to share some links with things that might cheer you up a bit as well. ;-)

foryoursoul: Have you tried Quartiermeister yet? It is a good tasting bitter beer and a social project likewise, because the brewery donates 100 % of the profit into neighborhood projects that any Quartiermeister consumer can nominate. So if you are in LEipzig, as far as I know you can have it at café/tapas bar Barcelona (Gottschedstraße 12).

foryourears: When it comes to Techno and straight forward Electronica, Sven ‘o’ Vien is one of my favorite DJs from LEipzig. So here is another great set made by him, but this time it’s Electro. (via Mixcloud)

foryoureyes: Eye yoga taught by Paul McCartney. (via YouTube)

foryourmind: Besides a book, I recently also published a short story called “DeMo” (available in English and German). (via finetexts)

So have a nice weekend and enjoy some hopefully sunny days of fall! :-)


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