movie tip: 20,000 days on earth


Happy Wednesday everyone! Recently, I’ve been watching movies and documentaries about artists, especially musicians and bands a lot. For me it is always very interesting and uplifting when I have the chance to learn more about someones creative work and daily life, and I love to get the chance to look behind the curtain. Especially if it’s about an artist, whose work I admire.

And so it went with 20,000 Days on Earth by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, a movie about the work, life, collaborations and latest album of Nick Cave. It’s different than any other movie or documentary in this genre I have seen before. It holds interesting facts, shows some rather intimate sequences, gives inspiring views and mixes all of that with this for its protagonist typical touch of mystery and gloominess. Not to forget the appearance of e. g. Blixa Bargeld and Kylie Minogue, with whom Nick Cave used to work together in the past.

So in case you are suffering from a creative block right now, this movie is a great source of entertainment and inspiration. ;-)

PS: Pic credits.


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