movie tip: mistaken for strangers


Hello again! As I told you, I love watching movies about musicians and artists a lot right now. So the highly recommended movie/documentary Mistaken for Strangers by Tom Berninger about the band The National and in particular about the relationship between the Berninger brothers (Tom, the actual movie maker and Matt, the lead singer) was on my list, too (even if I am a bit late with that).

At first I was like, well… ‘Cause I am not that much into the band’s music. And that was everything I knew about that movie, ’cause I don’t like reading plots or watching trailers at all, since I like being surprised. (Nor that I read reviews – says me, a journalist ;-)). So usually I just listen to my sources and if they say watch it I’ll give it a try. And so it went with this movie, too.

So at first I was like, well… ;-) But after a few minutes I got hooked. ‘Cause the whole story was different from what I had expected. What I liked most was the fact, that you couldn’t tell if it’s funny or sad, if it’s all real or fake. I laughed very hard and felt sorry at the same time. And after all, it’s not that much about the music itself (which I surprisingly enjoyed nonetheless), it’s more a behind-the-scenes movie on making the movie and what comes with it, if your brother is the lead singer of a successful band and you’re the possibly undiscovered movie-maker-talent.

So, in case you haven’t seen it, watch it. ;-)

PS: Pic credits.

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