zucchini: the underrated veggie


Sometimes life really is very… predetermined. ‘Cause after I posted my yogurt-zucchini-soup recipe, I thought about how much I like zucchini and what else besides grilled zucchini and another zucchini soup I can do with it (not to forget the tasty tomato-zucchini sauce my man serves with pasta). And then I was thinking, zucchini cake could be something awesome to bake – but I would want to try it somewhere before I experiment with it myself, so that I know for sure how it can taste. ;-)

A few days later I felt a huge appetite for the most delicious carrot cake in the world, I had eaten here last week. And so I visited my favorite place to eat in my neighborhood once again. But what a surprise was waiting there for me: First I was thinking I spot the craved carrot cake, but then I figured out it was zucchini cake. Carrot cake style. What a coincidence! :-)

So once again I have to say, zucchini really is underrated (at least among some people I know, which partly think it is some kind of useless weed). Zucchini, I think, is always affordable and very easy to handle. Actually there is nothing I can think of that can go wrong with cooking zucchini. So for this great and very yummy cake I have to say, the dough was very soft and filled with herbs and walnuts, something that goes very well with the sweet frosting and pistachios on top. So you almost don’t taste any zucchini or feel like eating a weird mixture of some veggie and sugar, ’cause zucchini is pretty neutral and likes to absorb any herb or the taste of other ingredients. Perfect, I would say.

So now I only have to think up the recipe and then I’m curious if I can create it just as beautiful as the purchased one on the image. To figure it out I guess I have to visit the place one or two times more. Just to make sure… ;-)

PS: There are two other places in my neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel I can highly recommend for the sophisticated sweet tooth: La Chocolaterie and Bäckerei Böhm.


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