link time #13: have a nice weekend


What? X-mas markets are going to open this weekend over here in Germany (and on the 25th in LEipzig)? I am not ready for that yet! Since I spent most of the year with this and that, I am still hoping for summer. :-)

foryoursoul: This might be a cool scent. I wonder why it’s so expensive. (via)

foryourears: My man created a Beginner’s Guide to Autechre, if you’re in the mood for eclectic Electronica.

foryoureyes: I recently watched a show about Vivienne Westwood on Network Awesome and came across her video for PETA where she is taking a shower. Great!

foryourmind: I am a big fan of the idea that less is more and so this statement works for me.

Well, have a wonderful weekend. Until next time! :-)

PS: In the picture above is my smore wedges creation. Its flower bread with chestnuts, filled with smores and Nutella. ;-)

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