pictured//dec14 – 24 // MERRY XMAS… AND HERE’S A LITTLE GIFT FOR YOU!


Heho! I wish you all the most wonderful holidays with lots of love, delicious food, fulfilled dreams and wishes and hope to see you here again in 2015! :-)

But wait… Since this blog is partly kinda dedicated to the Lakota people and I am an educator/teacher by myself I really want to introduce you to the Lakota People’s Law Project, that helps to bring Lakota children that have been illegally taken away to live in foster homes back to their original families. Imagine all these kids not spending the holidays among their families! It’s so sad and also from an ethical perspective not reasonable! So if you like to support them, you can either purchase their Holiday Gift Pack (or any other item), donate or just simply sign their petition to President Obama. I would be happy if you would join to help!

PS: Besides all of you reading my blog, which I appreciate a lot and am very thankful for, there were two other things that made me quite happy lately and wrapped up this year as an after all good one. First was a lovely feedback from stellalearnstolive for my book and the other one was a review on my blog by lostinleipzig (I mean, there are about 200 LEipzig blogs and these guys chose mine as one of their top 5!!!) Yeah, happy old year! :-)

So to celebrate that a bit I was thinking to offer the e-book version of my book “Freyas Welt” for free! It’s available for iBooks (and therefore for iPhone, iPad and all the similar hardware), written in German and illustrated in all languages. ;-) Have fun reading!


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