Say NO to Leipzig Against The Islamization Of The West (Legida): My dear readers in America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia, please join in!

Unfortunately I have to start blogging this year with a calling regarding a topic that really bothers me a lot. Actually, this blog is not about politics, it’s most of it all about culture and art. But when it comes to racism, and when it comes to inhuman actions, and when it seems like right-wing activities are rising again over here in Germany, I really feel the urge to speak up.

Some of you may have heard about it in the news already. There are actions (first called Pegida) that are going on over here in Germany that are about changing fundamental democratic rights and stir up xenophobia. Embarrassingly enough it started in Dresden/Saxony (my state), and in the last few weeks it started to spread all over Germany. Tomorrow evening there is a demonstration announced for Leipzig (called Legida which means Leipziger gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes which is in English: Leipzig Against The Islamization Of The West), which takes place in the neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel, a historical Jewish area, where not even 100 years ago a Synagogue was bombed (and a lot of other horrible things happened)!

So to stop these actions and to show commitment against xenophobia and for a liberal-minded, multicultural Leipzig that welcomes and is willing to help refugees, I beg you to participate!

To join in there are some options, so that anyone of you can help:

If you are living in my neighborhood or are here on vacation, you can follow the suggestions of the neighborhood association:

On Monday 12th of January at 6.30 pm turn off all of your lights (many sights, shops and also the University will turn off their lights too) and turn on some music, in fact Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. And if your on the street lit a candle and put it right next to the “Stolpersteine” (little monuments on the sidewalks that mark places where Jewish people lived before they were deported to concentration camps in World War II).

You can also participate by joining in one of the six counter-demonstrations. For more infos check out this site (there is also an English version).

And if you are from far away and cannot be in Leipzig tomorrow or don’t like to participate in a demonstration – which I totally understand – please at least sign the petition and help (and share it!) so what happened over here before won’t be happening again!

Thank you!

PS: A very happy new year to all of my friends and readers from all over the world! I am so happy to have all of you in my life and I really cannot imagine a life without your inspirations, your creativity, and your support.

5 thoughts on “Say NO to Leipzig Against The Islamization Of The West (Legida): My dear readers in America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia, please join in!

  1. We’re definitely joining in the protests. We left Australia in part due to the Australian government’s shameful treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. The odd thing about the opposition in Leipzig is that Saxony is very monocultural compared to Australia. I see almost no diverse cultures when I walk the streets unlike other places I have lived where the diversity is the best bit.

      1. They are very small and hard to see in the dark. One or two are in front of Thomasiusstr. 5 or 7, I think. But you can find them everywhere in this area actually.

    1. Yeap, thats true. But lot’s of my friends and people I know are also from different states in Germany. And they come and bring their weird food and they speak their local dialect I don’t understand sometimes. ;-) So I guess they are some kind of immigrants as well, cause most of them came to study or work in LE and because they felt like having no future in their little village in Thuringia or elsewhere. And many of my friends from school left the GDR to have a better live in the West. And when you think about how East Germany is treated politically compared to West Germany even 25 years after the wall came down, and how the Schwaben are “taking over” Berlin today (and maybe LE too) and if you ask people from the West about people of the East it’s not respectful either what you will hear. So where to start…

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