björk // vulnicura


What a surprise! I was still in Biophilia-listening-and-watching-mode, when I found out last week, that there is a new Björk album out on the market already. It’s called Vulnicura.

How great is that? I haven’t gotten around listening to it until this morning, but meanwhile I am listening to it for the third time. And I like it more and more. Musically it connects to the previous album Biophilia, but even though it’s also eclectic Electronica it’s much calmer than Biophilia and only little peppered with beats that make you feel rather wanna listen to it instead of feeling the urge to dance. I also recognized a familiar and quite beautiful voice on track 7 called Atom Dance. It’s from Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) what made this song my favorite one on this album right away.

And here is the sad thing. This album is a review of all the painful stages (the past, the present and the future) of Björks heartbreaking separation from her longtime love Matthew Barney. And, therefore, if you read or listen to the lyrics carefully, it’s a very personal and emotional one. So with this album, Björk not only speaks for herself but also for anybody who has been through such an experience and makes it comprehensible for those, who haven’t.

So what do you think? Have you been listening to Vulnicura yet? What’s your favorite song on this album and why?

PS: Vulnicura is available on mp3 now, and on CD and vinyl in March 2015.
PPS: If you like Björk and female voices in Electronica and other music genres at all, just scroll down the foryourears category on this blog. There you will find four mixes I made a few months ago that you may enjoy.
PPPS: The picture is taken from the digital album booklet.

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