where have i been // snow walking


In fact, there is nothing else that gets me that easy out of bed on a cold winter day than noticing it has been snowing all night. Actually, there is also nothing else that makes me jumping around like a little kid again than watching snowflakes falling from the sky and creating a soft and clean white carpet on the before so grey and dirty ground.

I love winter. I love snow. Honestly, I am even sorry for working from home now and not having snow days anymore. Really, I am. I would love to walk through snow, and through slush too. I am a winter’s child. Sledging, ice skating, snow walking, skiing – that’s my world.

Or taking snow pictures. So this one above is from late December 2014. There was no snow on Christmas. Not even on my birthday, even if I was wishing for it. ;-) But hopefully we will have some more (and I mean more, not these little sprinkles that melt away right away!) this month.

Even though I know about people experiencing too much snow right now the thing with snow is not only that it makes the city look beautiful and helps or forces people to calm down a bit, it is so very important and necessary for the whole flora. The ground needs to freeze, plants and trees need this moisture. It was crazy to see the chestnut tree in my backyard forming buds and bushes in the neighborhood blossoming in December. That’s not good!

Also, I by myself don’t feel complete having a winter without snow. Not because of all the activities I am not able to do, but mostly because it just belongs to this season, like a hot and sunny day belongs to summer.

So have a nice (snowy) weekend where ever you are. :-)

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