drawing // monochrome or colorful


One of my goals for this year was to improve my drawing skills. So for a while now I am testing different techniques and since watercolor painting has been very popular in my family (my grandpa used to draw advertising posters and my dad was a porcelain painter), I was thinking I give it a try.

And so I am trying it for months now and I am still not sure if that is something that makes me happy. I am also not sure if it’s because of the technique or because of the color. I mean, I like looking at colorful pictures from other artists and I love photo-realistic paintings. I also like to use colors and to draw with them, but at the end, when I think the painting is finished, I am like: Well, I guess I would have liked it more if it was just monochrome (and thanks to Photoshop it is).

And here is like it looks in real. I mean, it’s not that bad at all (and I got an Aaah from my Dad – what means something like… not so bad), but the colors seem so unreal and not powerful enough (probably the reason why I prefer drawing with markers).


So what are you thinking? Have you experienced the same? Also, if you have some advice for me, I’d love to hear!

PS: One of my all-time favorite drawings. Maybe I should stick to that style.

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