where have i been // bird watching with a surprising finale


It was one of these Sunday mornings when you think, I just stay here in bed and let the day pass by. But when I opened my eyes I could witness something really cool happening. (At least it was for me, ’cause I am a city kid and my focus is normally on streets, buildings, construction zones, people, shops and traffic.)

Okay. So for a couple of years now there is this grey heron living in this inner city area, that actually belongs to pigeons, magpies and crows when it comes to the bigger birds. So every time I spot this single grey heron or this beautiful couple of those birds slowly and gently flying by with their wide-spread wings like a sailplane, I get very excited. Because actually, the grey heron lives close to a pond or brook or river and the closest one, where there can something to eat be caught, actually is a few hundred metres away. Plus, that day it was very cold, so I was wondering why he was sitting on top of a metal-covered roof anyway. But, despite any answer, there he was.

So I literally jumped out of my bed to get my camera. (But my lovely one was there before and took the picture, so I could just enjoy watching.)

And here is what has happened: The grey heron was sitting on top of this roof, bending one leg after the other. And then a crow flew by. She landed right behind the grey heron that not noticed her. He still was changing his standing legs while the crow slowly came closer. And then it happened: The crow got so close, there wasn’t any air between them. Maybe she whispered something into his ear or even poked him into the back. I don’t know. But he still didn’t do anything to her. In fact, he just plunged into the cold and fresh morning air like a diver from the edge of a boat into the deep sea and flew away very calm and gracefully.


Well, of course I was thinking there would be a fight. Or the crow would left before to clear the place for the bigger one. (Like it’s said, the law of the jungle.) But maybe it’s the nature of the grey heron to think, why should I be upset, it’s better to bend than to break. ;-)

So. This is all what I witnessed that Sunday morning…

…and then I edited the pictures today and saw…

…THERE IS A MAGPIE WATCHING THIS WHOLE SCENARIO (and maybe even me being so crazy excited and my lovely one fumbling with the camera to get the best picture possible)!

So how hilarious is that?!

Have an eventful weekend! :-)


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