amergerman cake // new york cheesecake with othello cookies


So how did your lovelies like your Chocolate Cake In A Jar for Valentine’s Day? Enjoyed it? Great! But wait until they eat this AmerGerman Cheesecake! Especially when they are from East Germany. ;-)

I wanted to make a New York cheesecake for years, but since I like it so much I kinda was afraid I would mess it up. But then with this creation of my so-called AmerGerman Cheesecake I guess I made the for me perfect one, ’cause it contains my all-time favorite sweets: New York cheesecake and Othello cookies.

For me, there is no better cake than a New York cheesecake. Not even one with chocolate (coming from someone who eats Nutella right out of the jar!). And cookies? Well, the same with them. Othello cookies are my very favorite. They are so rich in cocoa, but not very sweet and therefore eaten up very quickly. They are produced since 1909 over here in Wittenberg/East Germany and I had them as a kid and I’ve never lost my appetite in it.

So since the traditional New York cheesecake is full of rich ingredients your hips will enjoy during cold winter days anyway, I thought these cookies would make the perfect cake crust. Preparing the cake I used this recipe, but since I like flat cakes more, I used half of all amounts. And I replaced the Graham crackers with Othello cookies.



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