snack time // mango and pomegranate lassi


Okay, so this is my last rich and sweet recipe to share in February. Since March and spring are right around the corner, I am going to share more healthy and fit making recipes from next week on.

But for today I little snack. Mango Lassi is a very delicious drink originally from India that even serves as a snack, ’cause it really fills you up. With the yogurt and milk it’s good for digestion, and when you prepare it by yourself using organic ingredients and fruits, it tastes even better and is more nourishing because of all the vitamins C, E and B1 mango contains.

Since I wanted to spice it up a bit I was thinking to use this pomegranate that was waiting for consumption in my fruit basket for a while. Actually I like the taste of it a lot, but honestly, preparing it is kinda not so much fun. But on the other hand it’s rich in vitamin C, so eating/drinking it in winter helps getting prepared for any flu attack.


You will need – for 4 portions:

250 g yogurt

130 ml milk

1 mango

4 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 pomegranate

And here is how to make the Mango and Pomegranate Lassi – in 7 minutes:

Peel the mango and cut it into small slices. Put it and all the other ingredients in your blender and mix it well until it is a bit frothy. Add more milk or more sugar if you prefer. Then fill it into a glass. Squeeze the pomegranate in your lemon squeezer and sprinkle the juice on top of your drink.


PS: If you are living in LEipzig or close by, I got all of these ingredients delivered in my weekly crate of organic fruits, veggies, and dairy products if you like to try it out.


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