on focusing // accepting a challenge


Last week I got a very lovely invitation from my fellow blogger called YOLO MOMENTS to participate in a blogging challenge, where I am supposed to tell 101 things about me.

Well, since I am an HSP, it’s really hard for me to focus on one thing in general. I always tend to getting lost (in the WWW, lost in major cities, lost in my thoughts). Therefore, it is really easy for me and not challenging at all to tell many things, long stories, complicated facts.

But focusing and keeping things or stories or blog posts short, really is a challenge for me. And so I am accepting this 101-things-about-me-challenge in my very own way:

1… is the number of cats I am living with right now. She is a whopping 17 years old, which is something around 85 in cat years. She is still very active and actually the boss of this household.

0… is the number of cars I am owning right now. Since I am living in the middle of a big city with a good working public transportation service, and the fact that I love riding a bike and walking, I don’t need a car anymore, which also helps the environment a lot over here.

1… is not the number of TVs I am having right now, ’cause this number would be 0. I guess I am living without a TV for more than ten years now and I am not missing it at all and it gave me the opportunity and time for listening and talking to people, for reading, drawing, cooking, listening to music, playing games and a thousand things more.

Okay, that’s it. I really hope I don’t end up in blogger’s hell now. ;-)

PS: If you are interested in the longest blog post I’ve written so far, click here. It’s almost 1.000 words. ;-)


4 thoughts on “on focusing // accepting a challenge

  1. Very creative Ms. Corina . I love how you made your “101 things about me” shorten and very unique. I’m such a fan of your works. :) God Bless!

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