rice and veggie bowl // indian style


This is one of the recipes that turned out better than I expected, because I made it from scratchscratch. What means, there was this over-ripe sweet potato, these almost wobbly carrots (do you know what I mean?), this please-eat-me-before-I-mold-zucchini and this quite yellow-turned chard. So I was thinking, these veggies need to be eaten very soon. And so I just threw them all together in a pan. Added some Indian flavor to it and ate it with rice.


You will need – for 4 portions:

2 cups basmati rice

250 ml veggie stock

1 sweet potato

250 g chard

250 g carrots

1 zucchini

1 shallot

4 tablespoons (vegan) yogurt

some sesame oil


some lemon zest, sea salt, black pepper, cumin, turmeric, garam masala and rice spice to taste

And here is how to make the Indian Style Rice and Veggie Bowl – in 20 minutes:

Since I have a rice cooker, I simply need to put the basmati rice into it, add some water, turn the cooker on and wait until it’s done. Right before serving I add the rice spice, that is basically mother caraway, carrots, cilantro, mustard seeds, cinnamon, beetroot, lemon zest, rose and cornflower blossoms.

Meanwhile, I peel the shallot, sweet potato, and carrot and cut them into little quarters. Then I carefully wash the chard (since mine comes straight from a regional farm, it’s not as cooking-ready-clean as the veggies coming from the bio market). After that, I cut the leaves into bigger stripes, ’cause they tend to “disappear” like fresh spinach. I also keep the stalks, I actually like them very much, ’cause for me the taste is similar to salsify or asparagus. I cut the stalks into little sticks, as much as thick as the other veggies.

Then I heat a tiny bit of sesame oil in a pan and add the cumin, turmeric, and garam massala. They develop their flavor much more when heated like that (or even without the oil). Then I add some more oil and the shallot. I let that fry for about a minute and then add all the veggies – except the green chard leaves. They need to wait a bit since they are done very quick. I let everything fry for about two minutes while stirring occasionally to make sure it won’t burn too much. Then I add the veggie stock and let everything cook for about 10 minutes.

When the veggies seem to be done, I add the chard leaves. By then I turn off the oven and just let it sit for another two minutes.

After that, I add the yogurt, lemon zest, sea salt, and black pepper using as much of it as I prefer. If there is too little sauce, I add some more yogurt and/or veggie stock.


In the end, I ate it four times (not at once!). I had it two days for lunch and dinner. And didn’t get sick of it! It was delicious!

PS: I guess it’s more healthy with brown rice. But for me, basmati is just the best.


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