INYAN // journey to the land of the fallen leaves // film & audio mix


Good morning! I am very excited sharing this video/set with you today! It’s for all of you that might have missed the performance called Virtualized Behavior by media artist Alexander Stephan feat. INYAN at N8SCHICHT >> black & white.

It is also for all of you that might have missed DJane INYAN over the last few years. Well, here’s the thing. After being busy with so many things and after planning several events each year for more than ten years I kinda felt it was about time to… have a break or even to retire from DJing. It wasn’t an easy decision at all, especially saying No when asked to perform was very hard. But I really couldn’t listen to music anymore or even could create a mix set.

And then a few month ago, my friend Janina (aka Aura Kamikura) asked me to perform at her event. And I was like, I don’t know. And I didn’t know, because all of the people knowing DJane INYAN know her playing dance music in the genre of eclectic Electronica which means something like Rhythmic Noise or Dubstep or even Breakcore. And for some reason I just started enjoying music again and according to the sets I made by the end of last year it was kinda different. But then Janina described her plans for this event and said it’s gonna be a Finissage with at most nodding when it comes to dancing. Plus, I got really hooked by the idea of an event that is created all in black and white and really would wanted to support Janina’s idea of bringing some unusual and unique art to this kinda small town of Haldensleben. And so I was like, well… Maybe… And then, with the encouragement from my man, I said Yes.

And then the fun but hard work started. My friend Alex who created the video for the first time in 2008 (it is actually called Virtualized Behavior – Four DJs And A White Screen and features zrowrk, 1323, halo7 and me, INYAN) remade it to upgrade it to the quality for our in between full-HD-conditioned eyes. And I started to listen to music again (which is different from listening to music when you are just listening for the joy of listening). I already had this one song (how great is that?) and knew this is the kind of set I would like to create – with a happy ending, ’cause somehow this song is kinda sad for me. And then the happy-end-song (Vessel by John Hopkins) was selected really fast too, so I “just” needed to fill the set with something in between. And that was kinda hard since even if I am more into the “calm” sounds today, when creating a mix I still tend to rhythm, bass, party-like tracks. So I needed some help. And who could help me more than my lovely man, who – in my eyes – is the king of sad (or lets say: slow and heart warming) songs (really, the majority of the songs he likes really makes me cry, ’cause they go straight to my heart. Straight-straight!)?!

And that’s it, this is what it looks and sounds like and you have the choice to either get the full impression of me DJing through watching the video above or you can just listen to the tunes of some neoclassical sounds and IDM feat. great musicians like Alva Noto, Björk, John Hopkins, Zola Jesus and many more.

If you’re into eclectic Electronica, I promise you’ll love it! But since it was made for a Finissage, rather expect some low rhythm and warm melodies. ;-)

Janina, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Alex, thank you for your professional work again and this fantastic idea you had back then! And Ro, once again, thanks for all of your support! It’s been a pleasure to work with all of you! :-) &

PS: My man even said, yeah, INYAN is back, what was very sweet. Well, I can’t deny that watching the video really makes me happy and creating it in the first place and mixing the set also recalled great moments and experiences, so we’ll see… ;-)

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