pictured // the magpie’s way of building a home # 4

magpie14      magpie13


Hello, magpie lovers! Today is the last day of my little photo project about the magpie’s way of building a home. As you can see, they have been very busy. And with the blue sunny sky background and the almost flowering chestnut tree I think this artwork looks even more beautiful.

what happened? 

Well, they kept building it. After the foundation, they built the side walls. And after the side walls, they built the dome. There must be two entries, ’cause I have seen the magpies coming out of the nest on this side shown in picture 3 but also across from there. It’s not pictured, but all the interior work was very interesting to watch, too. There was a lot of fitting and test sitting and discussing going on.

And some day it was finished.

And left alone.


Yeap, of course, watching some little magpies would have been wonderful. But that’s life/nature, isn’t it? You can’t control it down to the smallest detail. But you can participate as much as these little creatures allow you to. And this is amazing. At least for me. ;-)

So this is what it still looks like today. It’s abandoned but not forgotten. The couple of magpies or its breed from last year (I am not that much of an ornithologist) come visiting and inspecting every afternoon. Also, other birds like sparrows, bluetits, and blackbirds have shown some interest (in renting or buying this home). We’ll see, I am very curious and excited how this story will continue this year.

magpie fact #4

There are birds (such as the common kestrel) that don’t build nests. But they love to move in into an old or abandoned magpie home. Also, the magpie is the most intelligent one among the songbirds with a very high level of object permanence (it’s similar to dogs and great apes). They also recognize their fellows and themselves in a mirror. Plus, they are able to differ amounts up to 7.

PS: This is when it’s started. And this is part 2 and part 3.


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