celebrations // and a little giveaway


This one is for… me! Hah! Yes, it is!

Because I am celebrating. Actually, I am celebrating a lot this week. Well, this day. Today. For other people, April 1st is a day full of making funny jokes, but looking back it seems like this date is perfect for me starting new adventures. No joke. ;-) Okay, here we go.

First of all, happy birthday to this blog! Today, topa is two years old. And this means lots of new and good friends. I cannot say it enough, I am glad I started blogging two years ago, ’cause I’ve met so many great people, read so many well-written and inspiring articles and got into highly fascinating collaborations. Via blogging, I was able to share stories about myself and the things I love, about other people’s creativity and my hometown Leipzig, what has been a lot of fun. It’s been a great adventure so far and I am looking forward to future opportunities.

Then, I am also celebrating six years of writer’s assistance, which, in fact, is the name of my freelance business. Six years ago I started from scratch and without a single client and today I am still alive. Seems like I made it through the so-called hard first years. I am still not sure if I figured out every little important detail yet and I am still struggling with these good old buddies called time and perfection, but I am on my way and don’t think I will ever go back. I enjoy working on my own most of the time and created texts and books with/by/for people I never had dreamed of ever before.

And that’s not it. I also have to say Happy Birthday to my self-publishing business finetexts.com. It turns one year today. And with that comes another thing to celebrate. With the priceless support and graphic design know-how of my lovely man, we moved the paperback version of my first book “Freyas Welt” from Blurb to Amazon, where it has a home now that is much more customer-friendly. It was a lot of work the last couple of months, since Amazon is totally different in self-publishing, but we figured it out and here it is: Freyas Welt, now available on Amazon (9,96 Euro, free shipping).

As always, I’d like you to party with me. Therefore I am giving away a copy of “Freyas Welt” to the first person who leaves some words in the comment section below on wordpress.com until April 7th, 2015 about what he/she likes about this blog and what she would like to read about in the near future. (Please keep in mind, my book “Freyas Welt” is written in German.)

PS: Also: Happy Easter holidays! I am taking some days off, so don’t miss me. ;-)


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