recommended listening // is (is superpowered) by kyoka


There are not many female artists having releases on Raster Noton. Actually, Kyoka was the first one last year. Therefore, I was quite curious to listen to this album called “Is (Is Superpowered)” by Kyoka, produced by Robert Lippok and Frank Bretschneider. And now I am thinking: Wow, what great minimalistic, but sometimes also noisy, mind tripping and freaky Electronica sounds!

Since I am kind of a bad reviewer and interpreter of music and more like (in this case), if you like the audible concept of Raster Noton and female voices or if you have made good experiences with my musical recommendations, you’ll love this album, I just link to the label’s description of this CD.

So feel free to listen to this album and trust me, it’s worth it!

PS: The album Is (Is Superpowered) is also available on Amazon.


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