pictured // welcome to leipzig

WtoLE01    WtoLE02WtoLE04    WtoLE03

#I Once I was a living room chair. A friendly old lady used to sit on me while watching TV, creating hand-written letters to her loved ones or while having a nice cup of coffee and chocolate waffles in the afternoon. These days, I am just sitting here right next to old garages, waiting and watching…

#II Once we were trees. Big trees. Cottonwood trees. We used to be as high as the five-floor buildings next to us. We used to fence a meadow, the probably last inner city one where neighborhood kids and dogs could find some room to be. We were eliminated (and so all the other trees and also the meadow will be soon) to make space for a new building. As if there wasn’t enough vacancy…

#III Once I was a beautiful mansion. A well-heeled family lived here. But they were gone a long time ago. For now I am the home of old shoes, old mattresses, and anybody’s garbage. Do you want to have a peek inside? Better not, I am smelling terrible and am actually not sure about the well-being of the creatures hiding inside of me…

#IV Once I was the place to be for all the young folks. They used to meet each other at my bar called Letterman, used to dance at my club called Chocolate or used to just hang out at their favorite location called Cosmopolitan. They are all gone and so am I once I am renewed to become another fancy hotel…

PS: As a life-long resident, this is what I see when I walk the streets of LEipzig.


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