recommended readings // about love + failure + lakota history + a child’s life


Well, here are a few of the books I was reading lately and can highly recommend if you are looking for an entertaining reading these nice summer days or even on your vacation.

Soppy: A Love Story by Philippa Rice. This is a comic book about the first year of the relationship between the very talented author/illustrator Philippa Rice and her boyfriend. It includes very familiar moments and made me smile so many times. I love the artwork, enjoyed reading the whole book at a time and kindly forced my man (who gave it to me) to read it also since it is really well-drawn.

Mir fehlt ein Tag zwischen Sonntag und Montag: Geschichten vom schönen Scheitern by Katrin Bauerfeind. Well, when it comes to TV journalism, I have to say: I adore Katrin Bauerfeind. That’s why I was excited reading her first book. I don’t know why, but I expected a more funny book. Which it is not. Or partially not. But it has some really good chapters on failing in doing sports, quitting smoking, or getting married. The last one is actually my very favorite one and it’s gonna be my new all-time quote when it comes to this topic. Hah, people, I am prepared!

Wounded Knee Massacre: From The Viewpoint of the Sioux by James H. McGregor. This book was given to me by a friend and actually is a pretty old one. It was first published in 1940 and has been republished since then many times. As we all know, the history is written by the winners and that’s what we learn in school and in daily media. But this book is different because it is supposed to tell how the Lakota (Sioux) people experienced what happened to them in 1890 and the years after. I am about reading it, half way through, and I can highly recommend it so far.

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Oh, this book. Of course, the reason for reading was remembering the 80s TV series. How did I love watching it! So I was very curious about the book. But, as it happens sometimes, the book is so very different! It took me a year (!) to read this children’s book, because the clear and sometimes plain words somehow felt disturbing to me. I also remembered the mother in the TV series as a warm and friendly woman, and in the book there are a few sequences when she is not, especially when it comes to Indians. But I was thinking, it might be an interesting historical reading. So I made my peace with the differences, and now I am looking forward continuing with her other books.

Have a good time!

PS: This is what I was reading before.


4 thoughts on “recommended readings // about love + failure + lakota history + a child’s life

  1. I quite liked the Bauerfeind book. It was the right book before going asleep. Not everything was funny but a had a couple of laughs while reading. I would recommend reading it to make days a little brighter :)

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