discovery // huck finn


I can’t believe that it’s been months since my last discovery of something cool! And this one is also not a real one, because, to be honest, (1) my man found it at (2) the gas station.

But I liked it also and therefore I thought it is worth a few words (which might be a tiny bit late since there was a Huck Finn club opening … last fall in LEipzig/Südvorstadt). ;-)

Anyway… What to like about this “HUCK FINN” drink? Well, I am a big fan of the great adventures of this smart boy called Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. So the Label already convinced me. ;-) But also the design! Doesn’t it look great? I guess, that was the most convincing part for me, these nicely drawn black and white illustrations. And then I recognized, it’s made in LEipzig and also, it is a milk drink! Hah! But it’s not pure milk, it’s actually a superfood milk drink (or mind refresher as it says), ’cause it contains ginseng, maca, guarana, vitamins, and some other good ingredients. Sugar also, of course, but not so much (only 5%).

What about the taste? Delicious!

So instead of drinking energy lemonades, why not having this one for your picnic or party or whatsoever this summer?

Have a nice weekend! :-)

PS: If anybody out there can tell the illustrator/product designer, I would like to know. Thanks! :-)

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