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At least once a week I watch a documentary about an artist. I love getting an insight to an artist’s personal life with its ups and downs that somehow find its way into the artist’s work.

So here are four documentaries I have seen lately and can highly recommend:

#I Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. Actually, I am not so much into performing arts since most of the times I just don’t get it. But I’ve heard and read a lot about this documentary and somehow I was thinking, I give it a try. And I so don’t regret watching it (even though I’ve had to cry). Marina Abramovic is such a charismatic and strong person, and her performance, The Artist is Present, is such a minimalist but also (or, therefore) a very impressive and moving one. All of her work is based on using her body to express her feelings or situations that might appear in a relationship and, therefore, just to make it as clear as possible for the audience, she goes beyond her personal limits and pain barriers all the time. So it’s a must-watch!

#II Cobain – Montage of Heck. Again, I never was a fan of Kurt Cobain’s music, even though I grew up listening to Nirvana because it was played in every club in the 1990s. I also only knew a few aspects of Kurt Cobain’s life, probably the facts everybody else knows: famous musician/addiction/complicated relationship/early death. And then I learned that his ex-wife and daughter were making this documentary and so I was like, that feels strange somehow, I guess I need to watch it. And so I did. Well, what to say… I am sorry for Kurt Cobain. Really, I mean it. I guess he really was a talented musician and he sure wanted to do everything right. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by many people that didn’t recognize and love him the way he was. I don’t want to get into more details for those of you who didn’t watch it yet. But for some reasons, this documentary is very strange indeed and a very sad one too. 

#III A City Is An Island. Technically, I didn’t watch this documentary yet since it is out now for only a few months in Canada and not available on DVD yet. Buuut, I watched the trailer and I can’t wait to see the whole documentary. It’s about the artist’s scene in Montréal, one of my favorite cities in the world. There are interviews and reviews regarding this documentary on the WWW telling how unique, inspiring and forgiving Montréal’s artist scene is – all aspects that might be taken into account in this documentary. So stay tuned!

#IV I Am Big BirdOf course I watched this documentary about Caroll Spinney because when there is someone dedicating his life to the children of the world while authentically being (not acting!) emotional, empathic, and caring  in a large and challenging costume, he surely is a person I want to learn more about. Well, I really liked that movie and also the person and the story behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird. It’s a cool one! ;-)

PS: What artist’s documentary have you seen lately? I would like to know…

PPS: The pictures are from here: I, II, III, and IV.


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