mindful styling // high quality organic basics


Recently I’ve learned that I am normcore when it comes to fashion. Which basically means, I am hardcore normal, a.k.a. my look is boring.

Well, well, well… Despite the fact that I do have a handful fancy pants, printed (band) shirts, colorful skirts, and offbeat dresses in my closet, I am proud to admit, I love wearing basics. I feel most comfortable being dressed as minimal-designed as possible and not wearing any certain brand, having a favorite style or following the latest trend. What means, plain black or white or other monochrome shirts in combination with a black, gray or blue jeans are the things I prefer. Which I don’t think is boring at all, especially when it comes to the quality of these clothes.

Speaking of quality… I think basics are the things you can get everywhere at any time. Most of the times they are also pretty affordable.

But then I decided to wear organic basics. Why? Because I thought, I eat organic, my cosmetics are organic, so why not covering my largest organ, the skin, with organic fabrics too? There is a huge metabolism happening throughout our skin consistently, so I don’t want it to be mixed with chemical products.

And then a big research was needed that brought so much frustration and almost no results. Because organic clothing is not always good-looking. What I wanted were simple basics, nothing too fancy, but also nothing that would put a label on me. Plus, I was looking for clothes of high quality (means I wanted them keeping their shape, color, and size) but at the same time they shouldn’t be super expensive.

And so I found Stanley & Stella. And I love it. In my opinion, they do everything right when it comes to basics. They use organic fabrics such as organic cotton (see the v-neck t-shirt called Stella Shows), tencel (like the oversized flowing batwing t-shirt called Stella Flows), which is basically cellulose, a.k.a. wood, and recycled polyester (as in the zipped hoodie called Stella Travels and raglan sleeve hoodie called Stella Says). They’re also sustainable in any kind of way. For an example, they have high working standards, recycle the spinning yarns, use solar energy for producing and recycled materials for packing. Plus, they promote sea shipping.

I also think that these basics don’t look boring at all, especially when you come a little closer and see a little eyecatcher here and there such as different colored stitches, large draw cords, rough cut reinforced seams or a metallic zipper. I guess I might have about ten items in my closet right now which I love dearly and wear almost all around the clock. So organic clothing doesn’t have to look strange or be expensive. ;-)

PS: Writing this I discovered in the back of my closet a nice organic dress which I have for almost seven years now. So there might be an upcoming post about non-normcore organic clothes… We’ll see.


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