snack time // patisserie l’oriental


There is this new place right around my corner. It is called Patisserie L’oriental and it has a nearly endless amount of really great snacks. Most of them are dried fruits with no added sugar or anything else. They also have lots of nuts and other sweets.

The first time I went there I got dates filled with walnuts, little date/coconut balls filled with pistachios, a small chocolate muffin (it always has to be chocolate ;-)), some Turkish nougat and then something similar but made with orange (cheeeeewy), some baklawa-ish roll filled with peanuts, and dried dragonfruit – the most incredible purple thing I ever ate. And, not to forget, roasted chickpeas.

I already saw another cool thing which was something like crystallized lemon slices. Even thinking about them makes my mouth watering, so I guess I need to get those pretty soon.

After all, I think these snacks are a good substitute for chocolate which I snack all day long while working (not good…).

Have a sweet weekend! :-)


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