summer // break


This little cutie definitely made my day! He kept me busy this whole Monday morning because first of all he was sleeping in “my” magpie’s home! Which, of course, made the magpies very angry so they were yelling non-stop as loud as they could. First I was thinking there is some dead rat or something in that nest because it’s actually too small for this little raccoon dude that seems bigger than my cat. But he must have totally rolled himself up until he fitted in. First I missed him when he was leaving his bed. But then again, the magpies gave me a sign. And there he was, and so was I. ;-)

Okay, after this short episode on living in a tree I am leaving for summer break. I am having some plans such as visiting with friends, exploring this city and others and just give myself a little break from the desk.

Meanwhile, you can check out these cool things I recently came across:

#1 foryoursoul // Check out this veggie juice with raw sweet potatoes. Sounds delicious!

#2 foryourears // If you enjoy Dub you’ll love “A Short Introduction to Mick Harris”. It’s the perfect music for a hot summer day.

#3 foryoureyes // I fell in love with Grace and Franky and cannot wait for the next season to come.

#4 foryourmind // Welcoming postcards for refugees in Freital/Saxony/Germany. What a wonderful idea!

Enjoy the summer, I’ll be back soon! :-)


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