chutney // plum and pear


What to do with “leftover” plums and pears that are begging you eatme-eatme-eatme? You can either make a jam or prepare a chutney that is actually like making a jam but way easier.

Chutneys can be used in very different ways. They are basically a fruity sauce or dip for a sweet or salty food such as cheese or meat. Originally from India, they serve as a side dish and include a variety of ingredients. I’ve made mine as simple as possible and as neutral in taste as well, so I can add it to any food. I’ve already had mine on dark bread with vegan butter for breakfast and on top of quark (with a bit extra sugar) that I served as a dessert after a hearty main dish.

And here we go…


You will need – for 1 medium-sized twist-off jar:

250 g plum

1 pear

100 ml water

raw sugar and cinnamon as much as you prefer

And here is how to make it  – in 10 minutes:

Wash the fruits. Remove the stones and kernels and check the plums carefully, ’cause they tend to provide space for little worms you probably don’t want to eat.

Then cut the fruits into little pieces. Put all the fruits into a small pot, add the water and bring everything to boil. Cook the plums and pears for about 5 minutes and stir it every now and then while cooking. Add as much sugar and cinnamon as you like. That amount depends on the sweetness of your fruits. It sometimes happens that the fruits are very sweet, therefore you can add some lemon (zest) instead of sugar.

When the fruits are very soft and you already got some fruit juice it’s time to remove your pot from the oven. Let everything cool down a bit while washing your jar with clean cold water. Then fill it with your chutney. Let it cool down another few minutes and then close the jar with a very clean lid and turn it upside down. That helps to release air and steam. After that procedure, the chutney is good for about half a year and you are well-supplied for winter (but it won’t last that long, I promise! ;-)).




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