being interviewed // by ana ribeiro for the leipzig glocal


Recently, I’ve got the chance to answer some questions for The Leipzig Glocal (read the full interview here), a pretty cool and entertaining blog about the things that are going on in LEipzig, founded by Ana Ribeiro and written in English.

I felt very honored to do this interview, since I am following The Leipzig Glocal for awhile and I appreciate the idea to have a place on the web where people that don’t speak German, such as expats, visitors or refugees, can get some information what to do and where to go in this beautiful city. And for me, as a native Leipziger, a foreigner’s view of my hometown is always very interesting. I was also very excited to do this interview, ’cause besides this one it was my first real interview. ;-)

So the pictures above are from the interview foto shooting but haven’t been published yet. Therefore, I was thinking to share them here, ’cause I kinda love them too.

Well, have a fun trick or treat weekend … and if you are into audiovisual arts and don’t know what to do on Halloween, this VJ Art Pop Up Exhibition feat. the most talented VJ artists you can find right now might be interesting for you … See you! :-)

PS: All pictures are taken by Ro.


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