watched // two artists, a girl from spain and a public enemy


Despite the fact that I watch a movie almost once a week every single week of the year, these are the four I have seen lately and can highly recommend – especially for cold and cloudy days of winter.

#I Hockney. I have to admit, I never heard of David Hockney before. But when I saw this movie poster, I got curious about this artist and his work. In the end, I’ve learned a lot about his various drawing styles, starting from – I would say – scribbles I don’t like that much to huge colorful paintings that really impress me. He is also leading a fascinating life, so this film might be a good inspiration for anyone in arts.

#II Victoria. This movie was introduced to me as one about Berlin’s club scene and as a one-take that could be interesting to watch. After that recommendation, I expected a documentary. Which Victoria is not. It’s a brilliant movie that turns an easy and fun night into a gripping thriller, in which every action and each step following the other are very realistic and – in my opinion – can actually happen to someone. In Berlin. Or in any other big city. First I thought the movie was a bit slow-moving, but then I figured out that this is the interesting part that a one-take movie is all about and what makes the difference to the cut ones: It slows you down and lets you participate in every little detail from every single scene. So give it a try, it’s a great one! Btw.: It’s shown tomorrow night at LuRu if you’re in LE.

#III Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s WorldThis documentary really really got me. It’s fascinating and kinda creepy at the same time. Even though Giger’s art was very present in my life back in the mid-1990s, I have to say I never liked his motives in particular that much (well, maybe except the Alien), but I surely liked the colors (gray and black) and the Surrealism. But above all I admired him for his – in my eyes – perfect drawing skills. So I was interested in watching this movie about his life and work. And then I got a portrait of a man that I can hardly describe because after watching this docu I was thrilled and also felt sad, sorry and disturbed at the same time. But in understanding his art, I got a lot out of it. And who says, an artist’s life is always sunshine?!

#IV Citizenfour. This documentary portraits Edward Snowden after he exposed the NSA spying scandal. An investigative journalist, a reporter and this filmmaker visit Snowden in his Hongkong hotel room. With great interviews and carefully asked questions, they all together drew an impressive picture of this whistleblower. 

Have fun watching! :-)

PS: Last week the LeipzigGlocal invited me to tell a bit about my 13+ years experience as a DJ playing experimental electronic music – just in case you would like to know. :-)

PPS: Picture credits: I, II, III, and IV.

2 thoughts on “watched // two artists, a girl from spain and a public enemy

  1. Thanks for mentioning the very fun article you wrote for us, Corina! :-) Was a pleasure to publish it! And… I agree with you on the movie Victoria, and also highly recommend it – I was totally surprised and blown away!

    1. Hi Ana, thanks for your kind words. :-) I love it when movies turn out completely different than expected. Have a fun weekend! Until next time! :-)

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